Walking Dead Zombie Shirt size 3XL, 100% Cotton, Ready to Ship, Custom Made, Zombie Hoard

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A Zombie print bowling shirt from The Walking Dead. White and gray Zombies on black background with red 'The Walking Dead'. Ready to ship and arrive in days. 


3XL ~ 54-56 inches (142 cm) ~ 63 inches (160 cm) ~

This item is completely handmade by me in my studio in Hollywood, Florida. I prewash all the fabrics using unscented laundry soap and white vinegar to set dyes. I dry the fabrics using the latest cutting edge wind and solar technologies. I use quality thread, finish all the inside seams, use coconut buttons and also sew a spare onto the facing. The Wear Your Fandom secret underground lair, aka my sewing studio, does have occasional visits from our dog. If you are especially sensitive to animal hair, please clean items again upon arrival.

More custom made shirts can be found at Fashiontramp.etsy.com.

If you need a tape measure download and print one here. Https://www.printablerulers.net/preview/measuring_tape-60_inches